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Hi, my name is Jade and this is my new blog all about breakfast! I love food (a little too much) but often don’t make the time for it. So I am challenging myself to have a different breakfast or brunch every week. 

I love a good breakfast but for years the only decent breakfasts I had would be when I stayed in a hotel.  At home I would just have toast or cereal and when rushing out the door to work it would just be a cereal bar or apple. 

I enjoy cooking and I would say I am a competent cook but not great, so I will be keeping it as simple as possible. I want to try and master some of the breakfast classics from cereals and full English to croissants and smoothies.

Breakfast is ‘breaking the fast’ you have had overnight and really can help get your day off to a great start.  I know it is tempting to stay in bed for an extra 10/20 minutes but I think if you take that time to have a good / enjoyable breakfast you will have more energy and be in a better mood to start your day the right way.

The blog will be all about breakfast and brunch and the plan is it should be fun.

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