Overnight Oats

I came across overnight oats the first time I joined Slimming World (yes I have joined several times). Apparently soaking oats makes them more digestible. Personally I find this recipe a great way to have a healthy breakfast that is ready to go in the morning.

The point of these easy overnight oats is to prepare it the night before. There are many variations of overnight oats with different flavourings but this is my go to. Its such an easy recipe with only four ingredients. I use 40g of rolled oats, 1 apple, a handful of frozen raspberries and 1 pot of vanilla flavoured Muller Light yogurt.

If you are following Slimming World then using 40g of Oats is your healthy extra B and now a Muller Light will be 1 syn.

Prepare the night before

Mix the oats in with the yogurt ensuring the oats are all covered.

Easy overnight oats

Next peel and grate the apple.

easy overnight oats

Mix the apple in with the oats and yogurt.

Easy overnight oats

After mixing put into a bowl or glass that you will be eating from. Then top with frozen raspberries. Cover and place in the fridge.

easy overnight oats


If I am honest this isn’t’ the most attractive of dishes. Having said that I do enjoy the taste. Having something that can be prepared the night before that is tasty, filling and diet food is just what we all need every now and then.


easy overnight oats

The raspberries defrost overnight in the fridge so they are soft and easily mixed into the oats in the morning.

Slimming tip

Measure your oats and be generous with your fruit.

Mix it up

There are many variations, you could swap the apple for pear. Another one is carrot cake where you mix the oats and yogurt with grated carrot and cinnamon.

Printable recipe:

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