Ironworks Bristol

For my first post on my new breakfast blog I wanted to review a great breakfast spot. After two recent visits to the Ironworks in Bristol I knew this would be a great place to start. The Ironworks Supply Company is an independent cafe, bar and shop. You can come for coffee and brunch, pizza for lunch, beer, cocktails or even shop for fashionable street wear.

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

Located in central Bristol (51 Broad Street), Ironworks is a popular place. On my first visit there was a queue, staff were obviously used to this and were very friendly handing out menus to those waiting. It wasn’t a long wait before we got a table. On my second visit a table was ready as we came in but the place was still full.

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

I was impressed with the staff, all seemed happy and to be enjoying working in a busy buzzing environment. They were very friendly checking if we had been before. Its not a big place, and tables are fairly close together with a very relaxed friendly atmosphere.


My husband had a coffee which was Di Lorenzo coffee from Sydney. I went for the Purple Power Smoothie. The smoothie was a mix of berries (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) milk and honey.

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

A very tasty smoothie, served in a fashionable / hipster jar which did suit the venue.


There was a wide selection of breakfasts on offer, the table next to us had a very healthy spread of granola, eggs and avocado on toast. There was also a decent selection of veggie options. We couldn’t resist the pancake stacks. I am a big pancake fan and my husband who has lived in the states is very fond of pancakes and maple syrup.

You can choose from a 3 or 6 stack and select two toppings which will be served with maple syrup and icing sugar. I went for the 3 stack with a double topping of bacon.

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

Absolutely delicious, generous soft fluffy pancakes with mouthwatering tasty bacon with just the right amount of maple syrup. The food at Ironworks really is top quality and this is why it is busy with customers willing to queue.

My husband went for a 6 stack with blueberries, strawberries and an extra topping of bacon.

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

As I mentioned my husband lived in the states and he has had a lot of pancake stacks with maple syrup. He said these were ‘the best pancakes he has had in the UK’!

We don’t often get a morning off together but the lovely Tor Goes Travelling Again was babysitter for us. This was on the one condition that we brought back some pancakes. I ordered an extra 3 stack to take away which was no problem. It was brought out with our breakfast in a box to take home. One happy babysitter yay!

Breakfast at Ironworks Bristol

Value for money

Personally I think given the generosity of the portions and quality of the food it is good value for money. A 3 stack of pancakes was priced at £5.50 and a stack at £7.50. There is a good selection of food options, water jugs are out for you to help yourself to water. Service was friendly professional and swift.

Personally I really enjoyed the food and service at Ironworks in Bristol and will definitely be back to try out more of their food and drinks soon.

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