Engels Bakery in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Regular guest writer for The Breakfast Page Tor, from Tor Goes Travelling Again is back again, this time with breakfast in Russia.

I do so love my second job as a reviewer for The Breakfast Page. This time I’ve travelled all the way to Russia to review Engels bakery in Yekaterinburg. When am I going to start getting travel expenses?!


I’m in Yekaterinburg as part of an epic journey across Russia on the Trans-Mongolia train. If this isn’t on your bucket list then it should be. Put it on there now! A journey of over 6,600 km is taking two weeks, with overnight stops at seven cities and a total of six nights on the trains. I finish my train journey in Mongolia where I’ll be spending three weeks before flying home via three days in Kazakhstan.

Yekaterinburg, Russia
Yekaterinburg, Russia

We arrived in Yekaterinburg, the fourth largest city centre in Russia, at the very uncivilised hour of 6.33am after an overnight train from Kazan. After dropping our bags at our hotel and a quick cup of tea in their kitchen, we headed out into the snow for a walk to the town centre and Engels bakery on Malysheva street.

Engels Bakery

A Google search for the top brunch places in Yekaterinburg mentioned Engels several times. We found it easily and were intrigued by a dramatic mural on the side of the building. I’m not sure if the mural of a soldier has anything to do with the cafe, as I presume Engels refers to the reknown German philosopher from the 1800s

Breakfast in Yekaterinburg Russia
Engels Bakery

Inside we were greeted warmly in Russian and I did the usual awkward ‘I’m sorry I’m English’ thing. That was no problem and we got shown to a table, with the waiter who half- spoke English getting hustled over. Many of the more modern cafes in Russia have an English translation on their menu so I wasn’t worried.

Engels Menu

The food & drinks

The bakery is known for their waffles and nearly all their breakfast dishes included a waffle. We were starving due to the early hour and a night on the train, so we both chose the egg dish that came with salad, a waffle and a hot drink.

Porridge featured heavily on the menu. It’s the standard Russian breakfast. I found this ancient quote when researching Russian food – “Schi and Kasha is our food”. Schi being cabbage soup and kasha being porridge. I’m pretty happy about how much they love their porridge as it’s also my standard breakfast whether winter or summer!


Our coffees were brought quickly and while I sipped my (sadly a bit cold) Americano, I had a look at the clientele. There were several business types clearly having a quick breakfast before work – they all rushed off close to 9am when the cafe quieted down a bit. The guy at the end of our table had his laptop and loads of papers spread out and was later joined by two others who he greeted formally – a business meeting perhaps? Later a strikingly dressed man with a twirled mustache came in and carefully hung his smart wool coat and top hat (yes, top hat!) up before choosing a table carefully.


Eggs & Waffles

Our food didn’t take long to arrive. I’d chosen scrambled eggs and my travelling companion chose fried eggs. The salad looked delicious as did the waffle, although I could probably have eaten three by that point!

It was all delicious and the fried eggs were perfectly cooked with runny yolks. I ordered a second Americano which thankfully was hot this time.

eggs & waffles
breakfast eggs & waffles

Although I was very tempted by the delicious display of cakes and croissants, we decided to start our day of sightseeing and headed out into the cold.

To read about my travels or see some photos of the places I’ve visited so far along the Trans Mongolia train route, have a look at my  Instagram.

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