Dimond Jim’s, Bellingham

While visiting family in the US this summer we went out for breakfast at Dimond Jim’s in Bellingham, WA. This was a great choice to get a typical American breakfast that tasted great.

Dimond Jim's, Bellingham review

A long wait

When we arrived I was already starving (jet lag) so was disappointed to see a queue of people waiting for tables. There was no one greeting as you entered but they had a sign in sheet. This was not immediately apparent as you enter and it was not something I have seen before. So we signed up and waited in a small crowded area. It was very clear they were understaffed and the staff that were serving were working very hard.

Our visit didn’t start too well. As we were waiting a group of six came in and made a fuss about getting a large table (which I do understand they need). They were then seated ahead of at least 3 families who have been waiting some time.

To make it worse they were served straight away so when we finally got seated we had to watch them all eating, even though we had arrived at least half an hour before them. I have to say this did wind me up. I can see that the servers were doing the best they could but don’t bother with a sign up sheet if people can just leapfrog it.

There was a back area that was closed off and I overheard a local saying ‘why is the back closed’, so maybe we just turned up on a bad day. Good food does come with queues and thankfully the food was good but I was in a bad mood by the time it came.

The Food

There was a good selection to choose from on the menu making it hard to decide what to eat. They had a separate kids menu and were very happy to just do some toast (not on the menu) for my son who is a very fussy eater.

Dimond Jim's, Bellingham review

I decided to go for the 2-2-2 special ($8.25). This was 2 eggs. 2 bacon or sausage and 2 pancakes. The pancakes were huge and really tasty, I ate them with my bacon and eggs and had a little of the maple syrup too. Yummy.

Dimond Jim's, Bellingham review

Diamond Jim has been making the big 10″ pancakes for over 20 years so they have been perfected. I really liked the addition of whipped butter.

Dimond Jim's, Bellingham review

The bacon and eggs were well cooked and a great accompanment to the pancake.

Dimond Jim's, Bellingham review

My husband opted for a blueberry pancake stack and my youngest had a kids bear pancake. Sorry no photos as they were both too hungry to wait for pictures to be taken. The kids pancake had little bear ears which was a cute addition.

Value for money

The total for 4 of us (although one only had toast) was $32.88 which is reasonable in comparrison to other meals we had locally. The food quality and quantity was good and if we hadn’t had such a wait I would be raving about Dimond Jim’s.

I would go back as the pancakes are great but be prepared to wait.

Dimond Jim's, Bellingham review

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  1. September 14, 2019 / 2:01 pm

    Those pancake!!!! A whole lot of drooling over here!

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