Make Breakfast extra special with Bucks Fizz

If you are having a special or celebratory breakfast the perfect drink is a bucks fizz. What can be better than some champagne to start the day!

Essentially buck’s fizz is an alcoholic cocktail made up of 1/3 orange juice to 2/3rds champagne. If you do 50/50 then it is technically a mimosa. Having said that as it’s for breakfast my buck’s fizz (or mimosa if you prefer) is 2/3 orange and 1/3 fizz. The reality is the quantities will depend on who is drinking and when so feel free to mix it up.

Whilst I would love to have champagne for my special occasion breakfast my bank balance rarely stretches that far. Cava and Prosecco both work just as well.

Ingredients for a bucks fizz

So simple all you need is

  • Fresh Orange Juice
  • Champagne, Prosecco or Cava
bucks fizz
Cava and oranges

The Orange Juice

Since it is breakfast the Juice has an important part to play. Whilst you can use store bought orange juice I highly recommend using fresh oranges.

bucks fizz
fresh oranges

It is easy to squeeze the oranges for fresh juice that tastes amazing.

Bucks Fizz
squeezing oranges

Then fill your glass as desired, for me it was 2/3rds of fresh orange juice.

Bucks Fizz
Bucks Fizz

Then top with your fizz. This time it was 1/3rd prosecco for me.

bucks fizz
bucks fizz

Enjoy with your celebratory breakfast. This is a treat we have at Christmas with scrambled eggs with salmon and chives. It also goes great with pastries such as croissants or french toast.

Bucks Fizz

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