Bird and Carter Cafe and Farm Shop, Wilton, Wiltshire

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I’ve driven past this farm shop and cafe several times now and never had a chance to go in. But finally I had a day off and I decided to treat myself to breakfast out and then a nice country walk around the lake at nearby (well, 15 minutes drive) Fonthill Lake.

There was plenty of space in the car park and I was a little worried it was closed. But lucky for me it was well and truly open – they advertise their hours as 8.30am -5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays, with breakfast served until midday.

As you enter the building the farm shop and counter is on the right and the dining room is through to the left.  There were some inviting looking tables and benches outside but the weather definitely wasn’t looking too clever.

Bird and Carter Cafe Wilton
Bird and Carter Cafe, Wilton

I went to the counter to pick up a menu, got side-tracked by the yummy looking cakes and scones, then drooled over the fudge. Right, back to the menu… I was torn between the mushrooms on toast and the avocado and poached eggs (are avocados an environmentally sound choice anymore?) but of course I went for the latter, reasoning that it’ll only be my second avocado this summer. Honest.

I added a flat white. Unfortunately, they only had soya milk as a non-dairy alternative, although they are planning to change to oat milk so the nice girl at the counter told me. I really feel that soya milk does not make a pleasant hot drink and lately, I’ve been experimenting with almond milk (mmm, Christmassy) or my current favorite, coconut milk.

Bird and Carter Cafe Wilton
Flat White at Bird and Carter Cafe

I went through to the dining room where it seems all the tables and chairs are also for sale (deduced by the price tags on them) and admired the old style bureau which stands proudly in the corner of the room. Radio 4 was playing from a small radio in the corner next to jugs of water and there were local free newspapers to read. Art on the walls (also for sale) and a lovely view out the window across the fields complemented the scene.

Brird and Carter Cafe, Wilton

My flat white appeared very quickly and my breakfast wasn’t long after. It looked delicious – very nicely presented. There was copious avocado (perhaps even a whole one just for me) and two fluffy poached eggs. I dug in and the yolk broke perfectly across the avocado. It was almost too lovely to eat. But of course, eat it I did.

Bird and Carter Cafe. Wilton
Egg and Avocado on Toast

I think a second piece of toast would have been perfect, as it was really too much avocado for one small piece of toast. But it was probably healthier this way.

All too soon my breakfast was devoured and I finished my coffee leisurely while reading the free newspaper (not very interesting ) and listening to some strange Radio 4 drama which appeared to be about Margaret Thatcher.

On the way out I was very tempted to buy a scone or four but managed to resist. Next time, definitely.

Bird and Carter Cafe. Wilton
Bird and Carter Cafe. Wilton

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