Hello and welcome to the Breakfast Page. My name is Jade, happily married mum to two boys aged 5 & 3. I have been blogging over at the Autism Page for a while now and the Breakfast Page is my new blog.

Jade Page

A food lover

I grew up as a very fussy eater and spent much of my early twenties living off baked beans, toast and pasta! After University I went travelling and became a little more adventurous. In my late twenties I discovered the art of cooking and found that many of the foods I had snubbed for years I actual enjoy.  Now I love food, I love to try new things and am a sucker for the comfort of classic dishes. I have a real sweet tooth and struggle constantly with my weight and regularly find myself back on a diet.

I am also a bit of a cookbook addict! I have so many but I love looking through books and magazines for food inspiration. Here is some of my cookbook collection:


I am not the best cook in the world but I am a competent cook and with a family to feed I am getting more and more practice every day.

Breakfast & Brunch

I love a good breakfast but usually take the option of an extra 20 minutes in bed and just grab toast or cereal.  I grew up on cereal with milk or toast for breakfast. My favourite through my teenage years was toast with Marmite and as a student  I fell in love with bacon sandwiches (a must when hung-over). 

I have spent too many years skipping the ‘most important meal of the day’ or eating the same thing day after day. Following a couple of great breakfasts I realised I am missing out and plan to get up half an hour early and start enjoying breakfast!

It’s so obvious when you think about it but breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’ and as it’s the beginning of your day I think it should be enjoyed to set us off on the right track!

I have decided to try out a number of different breakfasts in the following categories and to share the recipes with you

The best thing about most breakfasts is that you have so many choices and hopefully this will help remind me (and you) of some of those choices.  I also plan to review breakfasts when I eat out and review cookbooks and anything else relevant to breakfast or brunch.

Work with me

If you are interested in working with me I would love to hear from you. You can contact me by e-mail jade@thebreakfastpage.co.uk or on social media.

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